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Access old, outdated guides that are no longer being maintained through the Archive.


We are currently maintaining 13,556 articles, a number which is increasing almost daily. That amount of articles requires a certain amount of maintenance to be kept up-to-date to the continuously evolving game of MapleStory. To help focus on one task at a time, a few projects have emerged.

"A project is a project to manage a specific topic or family of topics within the wiki. It is composed of a collection of pages and a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of those articles." Explanation adapted from Wikipedia.

All known MapleWiki projects are listed here.

Video Guides

Magatia (Boto)

Magatia (Alcadno)


All guides including Class Guides and Quest Guides

The Five Heroes Guide

Note: The Five Heroes are those who sealed up the Black Wizard hundred years ago in the Maple World.

Aran Guide

Main article: Aran

The outdated Aran guides were moved to the Archive.

Evan Guide

Main article: Evan

Soulsap's Evan Guide - Hope you enjoy your evan :>

Mercedes Guide

Tony Vu's Mercedes Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Mercedes Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished

Phantom Guide

Tony Vu's Phantom Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Phantom Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished

Luminous Guide

Tony Vu's Luminous Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Luminous Please do not edit without my permission. user:Unblemished

Resistance and Big Bang

I apologize if this needs to be moved to a different place. but i thought it was important for anyone who has any information about the revamp to post it here. For right now, only things that are in Korea that are translated into English should be posted here.

Everything about Big Bang here.


Mechanic Guides

Tony Vu's Mechanic Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Mechanic Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished

Adventurer Guides

Nova Guides

Kaiser Guides

Tony Vu's Kaiser Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Kaiser Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished

Angelic Buster Guides

Tony Vu's Angelic Buster Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Angelic Buster Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished

Magician Guides

There are 4 sub-categories found in Magician Guides.

Main article: Magician


The outdated magician guides moved to Archive

Ice/Lightning Wizard

The outdated Ice/Lightning guides were moved to Archive


The outdated cleric guides were moved to Archive

Fire/Poison Wizard

The outdated Fire/ Poison guides were moved to Archive

Warrior Guides

Main article: Warrior


The outdated warrior guides were moved to Archive


Tony Vu's Kaiser Guide - A comprehensive guide for the Kaiser Please do not edit without my permission. User:Unblemished


The outdated spearman guides were moved to Archive


The outdated Page guides were moved to Archive.


The outdated Fighter guides were moved to the Archive

Warrior Guides under construction

Bowman Guides

Main article: Bowman

Mercedes Guide

The outdated Bowman guides were moved to the Archive.

Thief Guides


Main article: Thief

The outdated thief guides were moved into the Archive.



The outdated bandit guides were moved into the Archive.


The outdated Assassin guides were moved into the Archive

Pirate Guides


Main article: Pirate

The outdated pirate guides were moved to the Archive.


Main article: Brawler Class

The outdtaed Brawler guides were moved to the Archive.


Main article: Gunslinger

The outdated gunslinger guides were moved to the Archive.

Dual Blade Guides

Main article: Dual Blade

The outdated Dual Blade guides were moved to the Archive.

Knights of Cygnus Guides

Main article: Knights Of Cygnus

Thunder Breaker

The outdated Thunder Breaker guides were moved to the Archive.

Blaze Wizard

The outdated Blaze Wizard Guides were moved to the Archive.

Dawn Warrior

The outdated Dawn Warrior Guides were moved to the Archive.

Wind Archer

The outdated Wind Archer guides were moved to the Archive.

Night Walker

The outdated Night Walker guides were moved to the Archive.

Etc. Guides

Stat Guide

Guides for AP and Attack.

Attack Vs Stats Guide

Attack Vs Stats

Quest Guides

Guides on how to complete quests.

Guild Quest

Sharenian Guild Quest

Odd's Sharenian GQ Guide

Party Quests

Mu Lung Dojo PQ

Mu Lung Dojo

Odd's Mu Lung Dojo PQ Guide

Poisonous Fog PQ

Ellin Party Quest Under construction

Odd's Ellin Forest PQ Guide

Magatia PQ

Magatia Party Quest - Our very first Magatia PQ Guide!

Odd's Magatia PQ Guide

Zakum PQ

Full Zakum PQ Guide - First Zakum PQ Guide co-created by yongjianrong and kangmingjj

Ludibrium PQ

Nikovici's Ludibrium P.Q. Guide

Party Quest (Ludibrium) - MapleWiki's official guide to completing the Ludibrium PQ!

Yxin777's Ludi Pq guide - A short and simple guide on doing Ludibrium PQ.

Guide to Picking Classes for the Ludibrium PQ (levels 35-50) - Title self explanatory.

Odd's Ludibrium PQ Guide

Kerning City PQ

Conflict's Kerning Party Quest(KPQ) Guide - My guide for KPQ

Party Quest (Kerning City) - MapleWiki's official guide to completing the Kerning City PQ!

Kerning City PQ Guide - Simple guide on how to do the Kerning City Party Quest.

How to KPQ - Teaches you how to KPQ.

Orbis PQ

OPQ Guide - Detailed information,fun tricks,and tips to help you along!

The ultimate guide to doing Orbis PQ! - Main Article: Party Quest(Orbis)

Orbis Party Quest's Unique Guide - The perfect ways to do both rush and full Orbis PQ!

Orbis PQ Guide - Basic Guide

Herb Town PQ (Davy John's Pirate Party Quest)

Herb Town Party Quest Guide - A full guide explaining how to do the Davy John's Pirate Party Quest

Henesys PQ

Henesys Party Guide

Henesys PQ Special Guide - A new guide for Henesys PQ.

Henesys Party Quest Guide‎- A guide for HPQ with pictures and by kennytran4

How to HPQ - A guide written by a guy who went through HPQ a few thousand times.

Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist‎ PQ

Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist‎ - Another guide by User:kangmingjj

Monster Carnival

Monster Carnival - A quick and fast way to level! You have to try it!

Monster Carnival Guide - An easy guide done by our very own admin, Yongjianrong

Laststandb's carnival pq guide (I/L)- A in depth guide done by Laststandb

Monster Carnival Season 2- done by User:kangmingjj

EPiGRrt2's Guide on MCPQ Strategy - by User:EPiGRrt2 - A guide on Monster Carnival 1 strategy.

Removed Party Quests

Ariant Coliseum PQ

Ariant PQ Basic Guide - Yay! First guide on Ariant PQ posted!

Non-MapleSEA PQs

Ludibrium Maze PQ Guide - The first guide for LMPQ with a chart to help you out of the maze! By kennytran4

Special Agent Training: Monster Battle PQ

This involved the special agent quest in GMS.

Haunted Mansion PQ (Event)

4th Job Advancement

4th Job Advancement Guide - A guide to teach you how to do your 4th Job Advancement.

Fourth Job Skills - The newly added skills for 4th job!

Items needed for Quests

Full Quest List

Quests You Should Do- The moneymaking quests! (And the quests that give you armor for those of you not funded)

Misc. Guides

Mining and Ore Guide

Mining Guide- Your comprehensive guide to mining and ore finding.

Mesos Making Guide

Dails' Meso Guide- How to get easy mesos, from level 1 to 100 (being continued)

Meso - Article on the currency used in Maplestory, "Meso".

GameAngel's Guide to Making Mesos- A guide for making mesos! :D

Merchanting Guide

Guide to selling items - A guide that will teach you how to sell things!

Item Price List The growing list of prices for items.


The Travelling Guide - A guide on how to travel

Level experience - Great way to find the amount of experience needed for your next level.

El Nath Newbie Guide - A helpful guide for those low-leveled and stuck in El Nath.

Hidden Streets - A helpful way to find the hidden places in MapleStory.

Fourth Job - Everything that is known about the fourth job advancement.

Guilds - An in-depth guide explaining guilds.

How to create and keep a guild active. - A Guide for GuildMakers by NightFlurry, Deputy Head Of MTDynasty And Head Of MTDynasty Windia, Also Many More Guilds In GMS Windia.

Some pointers on Netiquete and playing behaviors

Maple Ethics - If you want to know if you have offended someone

MapleWiki:Storybooks - A list of Maple Stories you can read about.

How NOT to be scammed - Teaches you to prevent from getting scammed.

ITCG forging - Teaches you how to make itcg items.

Farming for Landlubbers - some tips on how to get that millionth snail shell (or anything else).

Halloween Quests - Halloween Quests

Scrolling an Attack Work Glove - A brief guide about scrolling an Attack Work Glove

Hacked!- How to prevent being for someone who's sick and tired of hackers.

Rankings - A place to check your rankings when you have inserted your character information into your User page.