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Explorers, also known as Adventurers is the pioneer group of classes in Maplestory. As an Explorer, you travel Maple World and begin a myriad of quests and adventures to better your character.

Explorers will start their journey in Maple Island, where they will go through various tutorial quests until they reach their recommended level to advance. Magicians have a level requirement of 8 while the rest of the jobs requires you to be level 10.

Once your Explorer reaches level 50, you have the chance to cooperate with the Knights of Cygnus to adopt one of their own abilities or to create an level 50 Ultimate Explorer out of a Knight.

Explorer Types

You start off as a Beginner, a self-explantory job where you undergo basic training before you make your main profession.

After reaching level 10, you have the option to join 5 types of classes in total:

  • Warrior - Tough and bulky fighters of Perion who is trained in swords, axes, blunt weapons, spears and pole arms. Trained by Dances with Balrog
  • Magician - Wisemen of Ellinia, trained in the arts of magic. Wields only staves and wands. Trained by Grendel the Really Old
  • Bowman - Henesy's Agile and nimble marksmen trained in the use of a bow and crossbow. Trained by Athena Pierce
  • Thief - Stealthy and dark group of strikers of Kerning City, fights with daggers and claws. Trained by the Dark Lord
    • Dual Blade - A renegade band of thieves, lead by Lady Syl, in hopes to overthrow the current Dark Lord with the strength of their daggers and kataras.
  • Pirate - Hunters of the sea and members of the battleship Nautilus, their abilities are channeled through their guns and knuckles. Trained by Kyrin
    • Cannoneer - Once a stowaway, now a new member of the Nautilus gang, their use of the durable and heavy-duty cannons makes them a hard to beat bunch.
    • Jett - A Global-exclusive class who was framed of killing the king on her planet and fled to Maple World to enact vengeance upon the person who framed her.
Classes of Maplestory
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Warrior - Magician - Bowman - Thief - Pirate - Dual Blade - Cannoneer - Ultimate Explorer - Jett
Cygnus Knights
Dawn Warrior - Blaze Wizard - Wind Archer - Night Walker - Thunder Breaker - Mihile
Aran - Evan - Mercedes - Phantom - Luminous
Battle Mage - Wild Hunter - Mechanic - Demon - Xenon
Kaiser - Angelic Burster