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The Resistance are a group of classes introduced to Maplestory in the 2nd addition of the Big Bang. The Resistance features a total of 3 classes plus demon slayer wich some consider seperate, each different from the Explorer and Cygnus Knights. The Resistance classes' master level is 200.


The Resistance is fighting against the Black Wings over taking back their home, Edelstein. You start off as a regular citizen, playing with your friends. You later discover something horrific and sinister: a secret lab, concealing and testing children. You find and free one of the children, warning you to get away from the horrors of the Black Wings. Before you were caught, a man appears and rescues you and the child, named Vita from the scientists at the lab.

Learning of the Black Wing's evil intentions, you join a small group of rebel fighters in taking back their home and stopping the Black Wings from succeeding in their plots.


These are the Resistance classes in total:

Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is the Magician Resistance. While Magicians are generally ranged fighters, Battle Mages break tradition by using their magic in close-ranged combat, similar to Warriors. Their weapon of choice are Staffs.

Wild Hunter

Wild Hunters are the Bowman of the Resistance. Wild Hunters are quite mobile and strong with the addition of a tamable Jaguar on their side. Their main weapon of choice are Crossbows.


Mechanics are secret weapons of the Resistance. They are the Pirate addition of Resistance, using technology to their assistance in creating miniature machines to add themselves and their party. Their weapon of choice are guns.


The Demon is a recent addition of the Resistance, introduced in the Legend Update. The Demon was once a powerful subordinate for the Black Wings until his partners sold him out and took out his loved ones. Now, trying to right his wrongs, he aids the Resistance in their crusade. Demon is the Warrior edition of resistance; the class is split by two subclasses: the Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger. The Demon Slayer that uses a special form of energy to fight and his weapons of choice are One Handed Axes or Blunt Weapons. The Demon Avenger uses a different system known as Exceed and is powered solely by HP. His weapon of choice is the Desparado.


Xenon is an unique hybrid class, fitting into both the Pirate and Thief category. Was once a normal boy, Xenon was taken from his friends (and the soon-to-be Resistance) by Gelimer and was modified to be the perfect cyborg soldier. With the help of the Resistance, Xenon defected against Gelimer and had reunited with his friends to fight off against the Black Wing terror. Xenon carries many special traits such as he can modify certain skills into various mode to his use. Another feature is that he is the only class so far that relies on three stats, STR, DEX and LUK and each stat will provide an exclusive bonus. Xenon's weapon of choice is the Whip Blade, his secondary weapon is the Controller.

Resistance Medals

These medals are only available to Wild Hunters, Battle Mages and Mechanics when they reach certain milestones.