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How To Help MapleTip's MapleWiki

Hello, and first off, welcome to MapleWiki! You managed to work your way onto this page so it is safe to assume that you're looking to help us out in continuing to making this an excellent reference for everyone out there playing MapleStory. Thank you very much! This is the go-to page if you need to figure out where you can help us out, or even how to help us out; So look no further.

Creating an Account

While you don't need an account to read articles on this Wiki, it is strongly encouraged that you create an account here. Not only do you get credits for everything you edit, but it helps us get to know you more and getting involved in the community helps everyone.

Use the Templates

Using the templates will make every article easier to read, so use them when making an article!

Create New Articles

While there are many resources already in place, there are always holes that need to be filled in. Don't see a guide on Pink Bean and you just finished soloing him? Help everyone out and let us know what we need to do to get ready! Even if you don't have the best English 'skillz' or don't know how to format a wiki, we'll help you get that in order, because getting the content and experience there is much more important than being able to tell the difference between "Their", "There", and "They're".

Wanted Pages

Don't have a Level 200 Viper, but wanna write about something? Don't worry about it! There is plenty to write about! Check out the Wanted Pages List. These are all things that other pages link to but no information has been added about them yet! These are fantastic links to help fill in!


Of course, not everyone has the time to fill in a 5000 word page about Axes, but if you want to add your own 300 words or so, check out the Stubs listing! These little guys have some basic info down, but need to be expanded upon. Find an area you know something about and help us by adding a little bit more to them!

Version Differences

As of June 13th 2008, MapleWiki will now enforce this rule. Articles regarding any aspect of MapleStory whose name differs in versions of MapleGlobal and MapleSEA must be named in the following format: MapleGlobalName/MapleSEAName or vice versa. For example: Fake and Shadow Shifter redirect to Shadow Shifter/Fake. If you are unsure if something has a version difference, please contact an Administrator.


Pages with the same title

Ever since the start of 2008, MapleStory is currently having a lot of Monsters and Etc. Items of the same name. When creating a new article nowadays, if an article has 2 pages of the same name exists, please help us to fill in the type of item. Example(Both items exists): ==Bellflower Root (Monster)== and ==Bellflower Root (Item)==

Grammar/Spelling Police

Many people who edit wikis don't even create full articles or stubs. Oftentimes they will simply be reading an article when they notice a small mistake such as a typo, a misspelling, or a grammar issue that just doesn't feel right. If you see those, help us! We're all human and miss a thing here and there. With just a few seconds, you can fix that fragmented sentence and feel good knowing you helped out the community. Please do note that it can be addictive and you may find yourself helping a lot more than just that one simple edit!

Quality Control

The MapleWiki Quality Control Group (MWQCG) is currently the main group pro-actively watching over the quality of articles and image uploads. Take a visit and see how you can do your part to help out!

Watching the Wiki

Casually reading through the most Recent Changes is also a great way to help. Proofreading the most recent updates is always a great idea. Besides just looking for things to fix, it is a great way to see what is going on in the community and what trends are going on in what people are working on, and what they are wanting. It is an excellent resource and we recommend you checking it out regularly!

See What all the Talk is About

The discussion button at the top of the page is a great way to leave input, without having to edit a thing. Check it out! Leaving feedback can be a great way to give other writers ideas for things to add or fix. Be sure to leave your name and info though so people can get back to ya! This can be done by typing ~~~~ after the comment or question you left. Example: Yongjianrong 10:01, 9 September 2008 (UTC)
Discussions also accept all standard Wiki formatting options, so linking to other articles becomes a breeze without knowing how to code much. Don't know how to use Wiki formatting? Check out the Wikipedia's help pages' then! It will have all the basic commands you need to know how to format a basic article!


We are currently maintaining 13,556 articles, a number which is increasing almost daily. That amount of articles requires a certain amount of maintenance to be kept up-to-date to the continuously evolving game of MapleStory. To help focus on one task at a time, a few projects have emerged.

"A project is a project to manage a specific topic or family of topics within the wiki. It is composed of a collection of pages and a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of those articles." Explanation adapted from Wikipedia.

All known MapleWiki projects are listed here.

Other Suggestions

Start With What you Know

While we love to see plenty of new things in MapleWiki, we would also prefer them to be accurate. If you just started playing 2 weeks ago, then maybe it isn't the right time to talk about upgrading level 70 weapons. Write about things that you are fully confident about and have plenty of experiences to share with others. If you feel pretty good about a subject, feel free to write about it, but make sure to do a little bit of research before typing it out as someone might already have something fully typed about that. Of course, we strongly encourage adding new ideas if you have another take on it. This is not to be confused with a bias.


Keeping away from biases is important in any Wiki. A biased opinion can range from the subtle suggestion that a person should become an Assassin to a blatant article stating that mages own all. Writing an unbiased article doesn't mean stifling your own voice, but remember to keep facts as facts and opinions as opinions.

Tell Others!

Tell your friends about MapleWiki. The more sources we have coming in for info, the better and more accurate this wiki shall be!


Check out This Page for more info about donating to us. The money gathered by donations and advertising is what keeps this site up. Help us out today and check it out! Not only that, but a donation to MapleWiki also removes the advertisements on the MapleTip Forum.

It's what keeps MapleWiki going!!!!!!


If you need any more information regarding MapleWiki or an article, please let us know on the discussion page or if you need to speak with an administrator, check out the Administrator Page.