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The Maple Heroes, also referred to as Heroes or Legends are a group of 6 powerful fighters who campaigned against the forces of the Black Mage.

The Story

A long time ago, six courageous protectors banded together and used their powers to preserve the peace and balance to the world of MapleStory. However, even in such Utopia, evil still finds way to gain hold, and so one common magician soon gained immense dark power and became feared as the Black Magician, also known as the Black Mage. The Black Mage sought control of all of MapleStory, none shall stand against him.

All hope seemed lost... until the Six Heroes banded together to form one final stand against the Black Mage. So the battle began, with the Black Mage and his army of hundreds of monsters against a small force of five. Yet the heroes stood their ground, pushing back wave after wave of enemies. The Black Mage soon realized each of their weaknesses and he discovered how to defeat them. Afrien was the first to be fall, as the Black Mage planned to kill Freud in an effort to break their Spirit Bond and gain control of his powerful Onyx Dragon. The Black Mage miscalculated and what should have been an excellent plan backfired. Instead of hitting Freud, Afrien darted forward to protect his partner and was hit. The spell over time froze and eventually encased the great Onyx Dragon in ice.

Freud, witnessing the downfall of his beloved companion, quickly seized the egg that Afrien had dropped, and fled. The other Heroes, aware of their companion's defeat, covered his escape. Then remaining heroes fought to contain the Black Mage. After days of bitter fighting finally sealed away the Black Mage's, ending his menace.

However, their efforts were not without a price. The Black Mage was a vengeful being, and he would not go quietly, even in defeat. In a final act of defiance, he cast a curse sealing the remaining heroes in ice, their memories wiped clean and all abilities lost.

Decades later in the new era of peace that the Heroes restored, they soon began to awaken...just in time too, for there have been rumors of an ancient evil rising in the Maple World...

Known Heroes

The Legendary Heroes is signified with a blue border in the character select screen. So far, 6 heroes have been made. Here is the total list of Heroes:

  • Aranicon.gif Aran: The Warrior Hero and the Wielder of Pole Arms. He was the first hero to be awakened after the curse. He is found by Lilin, a native girl on Rien. His weapon of choice are Pole Arms and he wields Maha, a legendary and powerful Pole Arm, now partially sealed in ice.
  • Evanicon.gif Evan: The Magician Hero and the Successor of Afrien. After Freud died by the Black Mage's powers, his dragon, Afrien hid an egg so that a successor would find it and continue where they have left off. Centuries later, Evan finds this egg, containing the last Onyx Dragon, Mir, and creates a spirit pact. Evan's weapon of choice are Staves and Wands.
    • Freud: The original Magician Hero of the group and the predecessor to Evan. He fought along with his comrades against the Black Mage, at the cost of his own life. He is the only deceased Hero of the group.
  • Stunning Strikes.png Mercedes: The Bowman Heroine and the Queen of Elves. Mercedes was not only a heroic markswoman, but a wise ruler. She leads her Elven kind of Elluel, a town neighboring the area of Ellinia. She was the last person to find Afrien and Freud. Afrien informs Mercedes about the curse spreading to her people. As hard as she tried, it lead to no avail. Her weapon of choice are Dual Bowguns.
  • Phanticon.png Phantom: The Thief Hero. Phantom is one of the five heroes sealed by the Black Magician. Hundreds of years ago, he was a famous thief, he even  deliberately left traces to people who did not even know he was there. The people called him the Phantom. Due to the death of a close friend, he went on the path of the hero. He fought with the others and sealed away the Black Magician, but just as they were frozen in ice, so was he.
  • Lumiicon.png Luminous: The second Magician Hero and the Magician of Light and Darkness. Luminous manages to complete the efforts of Afrien by sealing in the Black Mage. Unfotunately, Luminous was tainted by the Mage's dark powers and is now prone to his dark urges. Luminous' weapon of choice is the Shining Rod.
  • EunWol: A long forgotten Hero who assisted the fight against the Black Mage. Eunwol sacrificed himself during the climax of the great battle at the cost of his entire existence being totally removed from history as well as the memories of his colleagues.


  • All five Heroes, save Freud, when placed in a certain order, spells the world "MAPLE", the first half of the game's title, Maplestory.
  • Even though he was said to have faced the Black Mage as well, Testonen, Kyrin's father, is not affiliated with the Heroes.
  • The Heroes are the only classes within the game that does not follow the path of 1 branch per group as they have two Magicians and no Pirate.