Vandalism Policy

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Hi and welcome to MapleWiki! This is the policy you should definitely read before starting to edit. By reading this vandalism policy, it would help you to report and recognise vandals.


Vandalism is the act of intentionally defacing the Wiki, whether by removing vital content or posting irrelevant information.

Vandalism on MapleWiki will be handled by administrators. Users may report vandalism to Yongjianrong. The offences and their punishments are listed below.


Duration of bans

  • 1 page (1st Warning Issued)
  • 2 pages (2nd Warning Issued and 2 hours ban)
  • 3-5 pages (3rd Warning Issued and 3 days ban)
  • 6-10 pages (1 week ban)
  • 11-16 pages (3 weeks ban)
  • 17-21 pages (1 month ban)
  • 22-25 pages (1 year ban)
  • 26 and above (Infinite ban)
  • Uploading inappropriate content (Administrator's judgement)
  • Abuse of any form towards any user (Administrator's judgement)
  • Speaking/Typing Vulgarities: (3 weeks)

Banned users are unable to edit or create new accounts for the duration of their ban.


  • If you are banned a 2nd time, you will be given a longer ban. Third time, that's it, you're banned forever.
  • Never create many accounts after one has been banned. If this happens, that person's every account will be given an infinite ban. But if you have not been banned, you may create multiple accounts if you wish to.