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Many centuries ago, there was a time of peace.

The Great Diviner of that time, Abeno Seimei, had a premonition that, at some point, an entity would appear, wielding the power of the 6th Sky Demon King, and threaten the entire land of Japan.

Time had passed in the world of Sengoku. Just as predicted, a man by the name of Oda Nobunaga appeared, calling himself the 6th Sky Demon King. With an overwhelming military force, the world of Sengoku was seized into hegemony in the blink of an eye. In order to be reborn into the 6th Sky Demon King, Nobunaga went to Honnoji to perform the ritual of the Demon King’s Descendant.

However, Abeno Seimei had a premonition that foretold that 5 skilled men would rise to oppose Nobunaga.

From then on, they would be called the “Children of Five Stars”, and they would be burdened to carry the fate of opposing the threat of Oda Nubunaga over the entire nation of Japan. A mark would be printed somewhere on each their bodies to show proof of their heavenly bodies.


These are the current playable Sengoku Classes



As a magician, Kanna's main stat is INT and uses Magic Attack. Kanna uses Fans as her primary weapon. She possesses no secondary weapon, instead of ally, Haku, is able to wield another fan in place with an exclusive window.

Akin to Demon Slayer, Kanna is another class that does not use MP but an all new medium known as Mana. Kanna sets itself apart from the other magicians, being the most reliant on the use of spirits to aid her into battle, much in the way of a real summoner class. Also, being created by different development team, Kanna's animations are noticeably different from the others.



Hayato's gameplay features fast-paced mobility and lightning fast attacks. Paying homage real life feudal japanese lore and culture, Hayato's background and character reflects that of the traditional samurai.

As a Warrior, Hayato relies on STR as his main stat. His weapon of choice is the Katana and his secondary weapon is the Kodachi, a smaller secondary sword.