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The Nova are a species of draconic beings residing in the futurisic town of Grandis within the planet of Pantheon. The Nova has recently made first contact with the beings of Maple World and have forged a pact to fight off against the forces of the Black Wings.

The Nova class group was released within the Tempest Update, starting with Kaiser. So far, only two classes have been released.


Their physiology, being similar to dragons, includes wings, horns and tails. However, some Nova may be born without a tail, such as the case of the female Nova, Tear.

Nova are generally not found outside of Pantheon; the only Novan that is found outside of Pantheon is an exiled knight named Magnus. Eventually, he pledges his allegiance with the Black Mage and serves as one of his commanders. He also swears loyalty to an evil being named Darmoor.

The Nova is protected by a powerful guardian known as the Kaiser, a warrior who's power is inherited by a chosen Nova generations upon generations. Currently, the role of Kaiser has been passed on to a boy named Kyle.

Tear, after Kaiser's rebirth, is granted a mystical power from a dragon spirit known as Eskalade and is transformed into the Angelic Buster.


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Kaiser - Angelic Buster
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