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Monster Familiar is an import originating from Japan Maplestory, which was given to Global Maplestory within the Rise of the Fellowship update. This system allows the player to possess the monsters they battle against and use them to fight alongside each other. To gain a Familiar, you must hunt down monsters for special cards. That card will be recorded inside the Crusader Codex, within the Familiar tab. They will follow you by your side and can even be named. All Familiars will be permanently retained in the Crusader Codex.

An Aran with "Katarina", a named Kunoichi as a Familiar. Note the red dot above her head, signifying her Vitality.


Familiars or Pets

While a Familiar will follow you around like how a pet does, they are not pets themselves. There are many things that makes Familiars different from pets:

  • Familiars cannot wear pet equipment.
  • There is no item that can buff the Familiar.
  • Familiars do no have any commands and does not talk.
  • Pets can level up, while Familiar cannot.
  • You cannot have more than one Familiar at a time unlike pets.

How do they Fight?

Familiars are meant for combat, as they are able to fight enemies alongside you. However, it will only fight if you attack or are attacked, once you stop attacking, the Familiar will stop as well. Their attacks are based on their own attack instead of your own.

Their accuracy in fighting is based upon your level. If the monster you're fighting is a lower level than you or is 5 levels higher, the Familiar will attack it with no miss rate. Once it takes on a higher level enemy, the miss rate will continue to increase.

  • 0-5 levels= 0% Miss Rate
  • 6-10 levels= 10% Miss Rate
  • 11-15 levels= 20% Miss Rate
  • 16-20 levels= 40% Miss Rate
  • 21-25 levels= 80% Miss Rate
  • 26+ levels= 100% Miss Rate


The maximum vitality orbs you can get on a Familiar.

Vitality is the life force of the Familiar, which is represented by a red orb above of its head. Familiars do not possess HP and do not affect your HP. Instead, they have a set number of Vitality. Familiars use up Vitality whenever they attack or use a skill. The stronger the attack, the higher the Vitality loss. Once all vitality is spent, the Familiar will disappear and will not return until its Vitality is restored. The only way to increase its Vitality is to collect another monster familiar card and use it, granting another orb. You can have up to 3 vitality orbs per monster familiar.

Special Skills

Besides the fact that they will fight with you, Familiars also possess a unique skill that can aid either you or your party. Their abilities can range from providing a simple stat bonus to granting you speed to even greatly increasing your drop rate. Some skills can alter your character's appearance, like turning you pitch black.

You can also get a free set of Familiars from buying a Starter Pack or a Booster Pack from the Cash Shop.

Types of Familiars

There are four types of familiars: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.


Common familiars have a low or standard boost in skills or abilities. Common familiar cards are denoted with a silver background and a crescent moon icon. While lower level monsters tend to have a common familiar card, even high-leveled monsters may only be a common familiar. An example of a common familiar would be a Snail.


Uncommon familiars have a larger boost than common familiars, but do not possess unique skills. Uncommon familiars are denoted with a gold background and a sun icon. An example of an uncommon familiar would be a Stirge.


Rare familiars have larger or unique boosts compared to Common and Uncommon. Typically their benefits extend to the entire party, but this may not always be the case. Rare cards are denoted with a red background and a star icon. An example of a rare familiar would be a Wild Kargo.


Legendary familiars are the most powerful of all familiars. They possess unique or very powerful skills that outshine the rest. An example of a legendary familiar would be Alishar.

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