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In the world of Maplestory, there are three main types of shops. They are:

  • Department Stores (also known as Potion shops)
  • Equipment Stores (also known as Weapon and Armor shops)
  • Scroll Stores (also known as Scroll Vendors and Scrollies)

Equipment stores are generally designed for players currently on a Beginner, First job advancement and early Second job advancement character. Higher level players must either hunt for their equipment, or the materials needed in order to synthesize the equipment. While Department stores are quite different from place to place, all equipment stores throughout the game are quite similar, each stocked with nearly the same items. Scroll stores are basically explained by the name. All they have in stock are scrolls, and they only carry 100% scrolls. Usually the Scroll Vendors are located just slightly outside of a town. (For instance Tulcus, the Kerning City Swamp Scroll Vendor is located about four maps from Kerning City).