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Orange Mushroom Stand.gifWelcome to MapleWikiOrange Mushroom Stand.gif

A wiki and guide to Wizet and Nexon's Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, MapleStory.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate by adding or editing articles. Please register for an account if you wish to contribute to MapleWiki.

We are currently maintaining 13,556 articles, articles increasing daily. With your help, we will grow to become one of MapleStory's best sites for guides, databases and more. Please take time to read our Vandalism Policy before you start contributing.

What's new and interesting on MapleWiki

  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Opinions on the design of the Skill Infobox. Feedback is necessary.
  • We need a complete rehaul on the entire wiki.
  • Visit our forums!
  • MapleStory Gallery - Place to put your maplestory screenshots

MapleWiki/Tip Event Related

Work in Progress

  • Everything for GMS up to RED Update must be accounted for.
    • All pages of equipment with secondary stats removed must be altered to current stats.
  • We need all Pages on Monster Familiar to be created.
  • Information on Alien Sockets and Nebulites must be worked on.
  • Updating of monster drops
  • Updating equipment pages


Current Updates

Maple World

  • Monsters – The inhabitants of the MapleStory world, with full information on them!
  • Locations – Explaining the different continents, towns, and more!
  • Maps – Not sure where something is located? Look it up here!
  • Quests – Adventures after adventures
    • The Party Quests – Guides to the PQs that make your fingers hurt! (assuming you're the leader)
    • Exchange Quest – Where you can exchange items for potions, giving and getting
  • Shops – Places to spend your mesos
  • Storage NPCs (Banks) – Need a place to stash your belongings?
  • List of NPCs – Full list of NPCs and where to find them.

Helping out MapleWiki

  • Ways to help – A successful wiki relies on the contributions of many, many people. Check this page out to see how you can contribute to MapleWiki.
  • Vandalism Policy - MapleWiki's policy on vandalism to keep information accurate and reliable.


  • The Help Desk – Have a question about MapleStory that can't be answered by one of our guides? Feel free to ask your questions here! You may also post any comments or suggestions about the website here.
  • MapleWiki Administrators – Need to see an Administrator right away? You can find a list of them here right away.
  • MapleWiki Forums – Placed to discuss about MapleStory